Christine Quinn locked out her own district from testifying they demand a hospital just like she pushed through an illegal 3rd democratic process flushed down the toilet.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the NY Times censorship for Christine Quinn I will wait for the unauthorized bio

Below is my Comment posted 5:24PM:  I will wait for the unauthorized Bio on Christine Quinn not this piece of fluff and spin.  Let's see if I can finally get best The NY TImes censors because they have violated my First Amendment rights lately not letting me comment:

Mike Bloomberg's mini-me, Ms. Slush and Intimidation helped Mike push through a third term selling the lie only Mike could help us with the economy.  Christine Quinn was sued for not paying her rent but her economic growth is staggering while more New Yorkers have fallen in to poverty and we have no Trauma Level 1 hospital with AIDS care and a Rape Crisis Center.  Will that be in her bio as well as inviting Dave Paterson tried to silence a victim of spousal abuse by his best friend Dave Johnson and oh Quinn invited Vito Lopez to her wedding but he was too busy.  Judge Judy Kaye and Andrew Cuomo who were concerned Dave Paterson not go to jail for witness tampering or perjury did attend if you want some insight in to Christine Quinn's "political wedding".

I look forward to the unauthorized bio on Christine Quinn's Betrayal like the Ed Koch book and it will expose her role in CityTime brushing aside two investigations in to CityTime.  Quinn green lighted a Tsunami of Community Crushing Development as well as a revolving door of corruption with mega-bucks over-runs on ECTP 911, CityTime, NYCAPS, NYCWiNS, etc. and I would love to know how much 311 cost us along with all the over priced consultants.

The NY Post reported her and her staff's legal bills staggering so I prefer Quinn working in the private sector and paying for her own legal services.


Note my comment -- The NY Times along with all the press silenced all voices in opposition and it looks like The NY Times and the NY Daily News are back to their old bad Orwellian ways.