Christine Quinn locked out her own district from testifying they demand a hospital just like she pushed through an illegal 3rd democratic process flushed down the toilet.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christine Quinn Uses Lulus Slush to Win Mayor Spot

Christine Quinn giving out corruption bonuses like Goldman Sachs -- Friday their bonus day too!!! Quinn uses lulu and slush aka tax payers $$$

Quinn never filled slush watch dog position -- gee and US Attorney gives her unofficial immunity . Quinn huge kick backs Rudin management as in bundled campaign donations!!! She did not fight for hospital and there is none in her own district News story NYDn will kill 9-11 hero dies because St Vincents was closed. Did not make it to Beth Israel. Rudin Luxury condos instead of full service hospital. FYI Rudy had 11 years to move Emergency Response and did not. I am dressed as liar Christine Quinn MLK day in front of St V comparing myself as Quinn to Dr Martin Luther King and Jane Jacobs. Quinn lucky DA and US Attorney gave her unofficial immunity slush and campaign! How many lulu receiptents voted to extend term limits and which one is rumored to have a very jealous and can't bare she slept her way to her city council position with ogre. Hope not true.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cy Vance Campaign Troubles His Mike’s Christine Quinn’s + Rapist NYPD Cop Heroin All Not Well in Vance’s world

Reminder! Cy Vance let the NYPD Rape Cop walk -- he let the heroin in NYPD rape cops locker be rolled in to one year he is supposedly to serve!  Cy Vance has his haters who have posted comments accusing him for campaign improprieties and it involves money he owed Mark Guma who is now running Christine Quinn’s campaign.  Did Guma dismiss money owed and if so did Cy Vance claim the money as a donation?   Guma’s wife worked with John Haggerty on the Bloomberg campaign.  “They” pulled her off to work with Christine Quinn and Guma’s wife Maura Keaney was written up by Jim Dwyer of The New York Times -- Bloomberg shrugs off Christine Quinn and Maura Keaney’s ethic lapse
 well so did Cy Vance when Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws Misdemeanor A carries jail time and Cy Vance gave Team Bloomberg IMMUNITY in Haggerty Trial and Bloomberg commits perjury not protected by immunity.

Cy Vance prosecuting the thieves that robbed St. Vincent’s anytime soon?

Cy do you owe Mark Guma and his wife favors?   Cy Vance if we can prove Christine Quinn broke campaign laws are you going to prosecute.  I am concerned her Goldman Sachs community guy on NYC gov payroll is fund raising for her mayoral run on NYC gov time and that Quinn is using tax payer money to buy votes?  

Is Mark Guma  Cy Vance and now Christine Quinn’s campaign guy some how connected to Alan Hevesi who is now in jail?

Cy Vance I called your Integrity Hotline the day it opened and reported Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn giving you articles from newspapers as proof and you did ZERO!