Christine Quinn locked out her own district from testifying they demand a hospital just like she pushed through an illegal 3rd democratic process flushed down the toilet.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Christine Quinn's 911 Corruption Haunts her intern faints ambulance 30 min

Christine Quinn's Role in  Corruption 911 Haunts her intern faints ambulance 30 min

Quinn a fraud liar 911 

Read and it listen to my 911 testimony city halland to date cover upMark Carson's ambulance ride.  
Google Christine Quinn chuck Meara talking points 
Also their names ambulance ride Sent from my iPhone

Christine Quinn Ms Slush Abuse Broke Campaign Laws (Again?)

Christine Quinn and Mike Bloomberg are confident they can break campaign laws and abuse slush and so far they have gotten away with every part of a Tsunami of corruption including the largest over-rides billions of tax payer dollars on tech messes starting with CityTime, 911 bigger than citytime and far more including board of election tech for voting so we have to use levers to vote her out but no surprise she got busted for breaking campaigns laws.  I reported her and Mike Bloomberg to Cy Vance's "Integrity Hotline" the first day he opened it and cited Village Voice articles so it's Ground Hog's Day and Christine Quinn is a corrupt greedy ambitious politician above the law and on Cy Vance and Preet Bharara's "Teflon Protect list".

* Democratic mayoral candidate Christine Quinn and her campaign’s finance director paid for campaign-related hotel bills, airplane tickets, and train fare out of pocket without reporting those expenses as required by city law, the Journal writes:

Ms. Quinn's campaign also disclosed for the first time that she and the finance director, Annie Weir, attended campaign fundraisers while traveling on six trips with a national political action committee, the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, and didn't report the expenses, according to the campaign.

The expenses were among a dozen that the campaign is adding to its financial disclosure reports this week to comply with city law, campaign officials said. In all, the campaign didn't report more than $6,600 in campaign expenses that were incurred while Ms. Quinn was on speaking trips paid for by the Victory Fund, Quinn officials said. If elected, Ms. Quinn would be the city's first openly gay mayor. The Victory Fund is dedicated to getting gay and lesbian candidates elected.
Mike Morey, a spokesman for Ms. Quinn's mayoral campaign, called the missing expenses "record-keeping errors."

(Hey Mike: Is that like Quinn being sued for back rent 4 times?  Explain Quinn pushing thru a Tsunami of Community Crushing Development, an illegal third term abusing slush and getting to appoint a puppet for the faux slush watch dog position and her refusal to investigate ambulance response times starting with Mark Carson's and her role in 911, CityTime, etc = billions of tax payer dollars abused stolen and throw in high priced consultants that in my opinion over billed us as well.)

More on empty headed sell-outs like Brook Shields and Gloria Steinem supporting Quinn when thanks to Quinn, Stringer, Bloomberg, Rudin, Howard Rubenstein we have no rape crisis center.

Christine Quinn Ms Slush Abuse Broke Campaign Laws (Again?)

Brooke Shields Supports Christine Quinn No Rape Crisis Center Trauma Level 1 Care West Village

Brooke Shields Supports Christine Quinn No Rape Crisis Center Trauma Level 1 Care West Village

BROOKE’S VIEW: The actress Brooke Shields discusses the state of the TV and film industry in New York, sexual assault in the military and her support of Council Speaker Christine Quinn for mayor:

Brooke Shield's who did child porno styled ads to sell jeans for Calvin Klien joins faux feminists that truly are soulless support Christine Quinn and Scott Stringer along with Bloomberg, Amanda The People's Burden, truly an evil city planner commissioner the worst in nyc gov but that because she is a socialite mega millionaire and everyone on city council other than Charles Barron all voting for Rudin luxury condos and not protective zoning for a hospital.  

In my meeting with Christine Quinn on the need for a hospital Quinn said to us zoning makes her head spin.

I brought Norman Siegel and community members.  Norman Siegel asked how are you going to vote tomorrow -- Quinn had to years to decide and she got huge amounts of money for her campaign like I am guessing sell-out Stringer got from Rudin and Quinn lied to us and said I don't know. 

Brook Shields is a over paid celebrity who thinks rudin luxury condos are more important than a Trauma Level 1 Hospital with AIDS care and a Rape crisis center.  Rosie O'Donnell spent millions to buy Rudin luxury condos putting her children and herself at risk because there is no trauma level 1 hospital. 

Brook a poster "girl" for proof wealth and a Princeton degree don't mean you have brains like politicians any actor supporting stringer and Quinn support greed and stupidity.  

I continue to demand an investigation in to Mark Carsin's ambulance hate crime.

Is this an LGBT hate crime cover-up no investigation to protect Quinn because there was no hospital and Quinn like Thompson, Mark Page and City Council pushed thru over-rides on 911 tech when they should not have and instead investigated CityTimd 2 but far worse and still no criminal investigation 911 tech corruption.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Christine Quinn Sought Kardashian Fame Money Autobiography Flopped Weiner Spitzer Envy?

Sounds like Christine Quinn is in denial and has "Weiner envy".....

she is in bed with more billionaires than the most "infamous socialite gold diggers of our times" and Christine Quinn sold us out to Bill Rudin so we have no Trauma Level 1 Hospital with a Rape Crisis Center and AIDS care NO RAPE CRISIS CENTER and Quinn calls herself a feminist?

Christine Quinn tried to sell her book and it filed so she had the NY Public library buy a ton of them again abusing tax payer money.  Christine Quinn has no shame.

Christine Quinn compares Weiner & Spitzer to Kardashians

Christine Quinn Sought Kardashian Fame Money Autobiography Flopped Weiner Spitzer Envy?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Elliot Spitzer for Comptroller over Scott Stinger Any Day!

Christine Quinn Slushgate Tank by Suzannah B. Troy

Wow the camera loves me -- you can see the dark circles under my eyes and the way I have aged so dramatically from the violent assault Google Dr. Fagelman Assault and watch his violent receptionist attack me and the video proves the NYPD fixed it -- ask NYPD Det Andy Dwyer and Det John Vergona about how and why because Internal Affairs is sure taking their sweet time.

I am so exhausted and just past out Justice Cards to rousing support especially from a gentleman originally from Africa now a New Yorkers  who said what was done to me was wrong and he wants to follow my story and I deserve Justice.

Here I am wearing my Christine Quinn slushgate shirt and I am smiling but reality I got off the phone an hour ago with Internal Affairs.  I was pleased they did not have a highly paid NYPD Detective to answer phones over $60,000 to act like a 311 operator but I got an NYPD Police Office plain po and he was wrong in his assertions but I liked him -- even though we didn't agree and he did give me my newest complaint number against IAB.

Read below -- every day the corrupt NYPD gets bad press and I bet this NYPD officer responsible for killing a school teacher trying to cross the street got less than a wrist slap because the NYPD protect their own just like they fixed me being violently assaulted.

Felix Cross 61 School teacher  Run over Killed by Careless NYPD Female veteran

No rap’ for cop in deadly hit

The NY Post protects killer cops name.

Let me guess she still gets to get behind the wheel of an NYPD car no problem
and what is the update on Capt. Aaron Wright Internal Affairs who beat the crap out of his
NYPD Sgt Domestic Abuse gal pal who lied to protect far this Capt Aaron Wright got in NYPD and like Delita Hooks Dr Fagelman's receptionist who assaulted me my guess not the first time.

#NYPD Corruption Youtube help to break 14,000 fixed violent assault by Dr Fagelman's receptionist Delita Hooks

#nypd fix for Dr. Fagelman Assault Receptionist Delita Menaces Assault vid help break 14,000 via @youtube

#NYPD Corruption Youtube help to break 14,000 fixed violent assault by Dr Fagelman's receptionist Delita Hooks

Month 9 and 7 days as a patient 155 Spring St I was savagely assaulted by Dr Andrew Fagelman's receptionist and office manager and without surgery I would have gone blind in my left eye.  My eye and neck permanent damage scar tissue post laser surgery to repair hole in my eye and neck even less mobility and more pain but damaged by corrupt cops PTS -- Delita Hooks corrupt detectives never contacted me and yesterday after months getting tipped off accidentally by IAB Sgt who knew I got his name wrong Andy drier I learned his name is Sgt NYPD Det Andy Dwyer.

I believe in collusion with Det John Vergona they are accessories to assault for fixing the violent assault.

IAB corrupt in my opinion and here is 1 example:
NYPD Sgt said in prior call she would mail me my notes I accidentally gave her she lied and never sent. Ironic because I wanted NYPD Det Andy Dwyer's name but I had it spelled wrong and she knew more proof IAB protects NYPD.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Christine Quinn Accused of NYPD Raids Gay Male Bars Lesbians Exempt?

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Would it be of interest to you to learn that Quinn has quietly had the N.Y. Liquor Authority conduct police raids & undercover investigations & audits at gay bars but never once at lesian bars?

    • Thanks I will post on my many blogs including Christine Quinn mini-me blog----
      under Bloomberg Quinn all sex toy stores raided including women's called Babeland in Soho and Rivington st. We can't rent movies anymore since the raid! Apparently renting sex ed videos and porn a crime instead you have to buy them! Imagine the First Precinct after that raid wish I had secret recordings inside the NYPD precincts with booty from raiding Babeland.
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Christine Quinn Accused of NYPD Raids Gay Male Bars Lesbians Exempt?

Mayor Mike Bloomberg  Christine Quinn Sexual McCarthyism