Christine Quinn locked out her own district from testifying they demand a hospital just like she pushed through an illegal 3rd democratic process flushed down the toilet.

Monday, April 29, 2013

"ABQ" Anybody but Quinn Mayoral Debate Gay Community Center

                          "ABQ" Anybody but Quinn  Mayoral Debate Gay Community Center

Photographer warned Quinn Supporters not to have a heart attack because there is no Hospital in the immediate area.

Christine Quinn supporters asked the photographer would he support Quinn.
He responded no -- I cannot support her because she sold out the community so now there is no hospital and took the Rudin Family funds.

John Liu had 2 groups of  supporters outside but no other mayoral representation from other rivals.....

ps was this a sneak event because most people has no idea this was even happening...
is Quinn that afraid of critics showing up and booing.....?


DATE Monday April 29
TIME 7 pm
PLACE LGBT Center, 208 West 13th

Hosted jointly by:
Downtown Independent Democrats
Village Independent Democrats
Village Reform Democrats
Manhattan Young Democrats
Greater NYC for Change

Do they need a trauma level 1 hospital with Rape Crisis Center and AIDS Care?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ghost of St. Vincent's Hospital Haunt Christine Quinn in New Ad

Anti- Christine Quinn Ad Exposing Rudin Luxury  Condos No Trauma Level 1 Hospital W. Village

Google Christine Quinn Chuck Meara read about my meeting I brought Norman Siegel...she lied to us and said she did not know how she would vote the next day.  She voted for Rudin! We have no Trauma Level 1 with AIDS care and A RAPE CRISIS CENTER and she and Gloria Steinem all women politicians call themselves feminists?

Postedon NYDN but someone not me because I am banned from expressing 1st amendment rights thanks Mort.
"Christine Quinn is responsible for allowing Mike MADOFF Gloomberg run for an illegal third term. I am sure that Quinn took a cash payoff to allow the redistricting so St. Vincent's Hospital"
Comment not by me...

Published on Apr 24, 2013
"The closing of St. Vincent's hospital leaves a community out in the cold," Arthur Cheliotes, President of Local 1180 said. "Today's new ad calls attention to a community where residents have nowhere to go in the event of an emergency or health crisis. Christine Quinn played an integral role in letting St. Vincent's disappear and we cannot support a mayor who would let her donors dictate development at the sacrifice of our communities."

Watch this YouTube -- ask Christine Quinn's chief of Staff Chuck Meara to call his special friend at the First Precinct and explain why Delita Hooks, Dr Fagelman's receptionist office manager wasn't arrested.
She could not have gotten away with coming out from behind the long closed off counter to menace a dog, cat or horse at a Veterinarian  Medical Care Space but she got away with getting between me and the exit to violently give me the finger... when I asked her to please do it again so I could document she punched me in the eye making a hole in my retina but first threatened me with bodily harm.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Christine Quinn Protested Victory Fund Mandarin Oriental

Christine Quinn Protested Victory Fund Mandarin Oriental

Christine Quinn Protested West Side
Mandarin Continental 

The Victory Fund, a Washington, DC-based group whose mission is to elect LGBT candidates to public office, is blindly supporting Christine Quinn's mayoral campaign. The Victory Fund is urging LGBT's, who know nothing about Speaker Quinn's actual record, to attend fundraising events for Speaker Quinn. If you have been wondering who has been propagating the emphasis of Speaker Quinn's identity over her dismal record, the Victory Fund is chief amongst these propagandists. 

The Victory Fund doesn't care that Speaker Quinn is the biggest obstacle to social justice advances in New York City. If you want to help demonstrate that Speaker Quinn has lost support of the LGBT community right here in New York City, then please join us :

Date : Sunday, 21 April 2013
Time : 11:15 am - 12:30 pm
Place : Mandarin Oriental, 80 Columbus Circle at 60th Street

This protest will take place outside, alongside the 60th Street entrance to the hotel, between Broadway and Columbus Avenue.

We are joining organisers from the Defeat Christine Quinn Facebook page at a protest against Christine Quinn this Sunday.

Please RSVP on Facebook and invite all of your friends :

RELATED :  Last week, another letter to the editor was published in The New York Daily News.  Once again, the wrongful closing of St. Vincent's Hospital was mentioned :

Manhattan: To Voicer Taryn Miller-Stevens: I don’t know how you can live in Chelsea and think City Council Speaker Christine Quinn works to protect your neighborhood and the interests of the middle class. She allowed the closure of St. Vincent’s Hospital, which served the entire West Village, and received campaign contributions from Rudin real estate to build a luxury condo on the site. She ignored neighborhood opposition to the expansion of the Chelsea Market. The woman you are looking up to is a greedy puppet who overturned term limits and gave us the most corrupt regime in New York’s modern history: Bloomberg-Quinn.  - Desiree Becaud

On the subject of political puppets, here is a funny, but controversial YouTube video, which was once censored, but has since been restored :

Christine Quinn PROTESTED Pre Protest Suzannah on White House Weiner

Louis Flores Unauthorized Bio Christine Quinn Interviewed Outside Protest Today

Christine Quinn Protested for No Hospital Rape Crisis Center 12th St.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Llyod Blankfein Gives Christine Quinn Head for Mayor

Llyod Blankfein Gives Christine Quinn Head for Mayor Lloyd Blankfein head of Goldman Sachs gives Quinn the nod -- who else could protect his corrupt dealings oh excuse me his benevolent kind generous dealings --- we did not get the extent of GS's corruption until Wall Street imploded and guess who did not go to jail?  Every Robber Barron on Wall Street that got a "get out of jail free card"  wants fellow crook Ms. Slush and Intimidation Christine Quinn as their littler emperor of NYC, Mike Junior.Christine Quinn sold out Wall Street Robber Barron's Pic for Mayor ask Llyod

Of course mr bail me out White House Hank,  Lloyd would say that  because Christine Quinn also considers tax payer money to be her and her staff's very own investment bank!!!

Christine Quinn even green lighted the use of GS's white collar crime defense attorneys, Sullivan Cromwell to defend her staff again courtesy of the tax payers just like Quinn green lighted SAIC stealing on CityTime and allegedly HP stealing on 911 tech system when HP had no experience in 911 but Lloyd wants what's best for the crooks of Wall Street as well as contractors robbing us blind so of course he backs Mrs Bloomberg, Mike's mini me, ms Slush and Intimidation!!!!

Christine Quinn is the Robber Barron's Dream mayor!!!

Thank for not allowing me to use my name,

Suzannah Troy

ps GS is the little emperor Mike Bloomberg's best client.  
Keeping it all in the family...hardee har

ps GS is the little emperor Mike Bloomberg's best client.  
Keeping it all in the family...hardee ha
Sure hope Tony Simone a Goldman Sacher Quinn has on her community liaison staff who curses out Quinn's critics from her own district is not campaigning on company time. 

His idea of community and Quinn's is skewed.  Tony walks by hundreds of community member that Quinn and he have locked out from testifying they demand a hospital instead of Rudin Luxury Condos -- a trauma level 1 hospital with a Rape Crisis center and AIDS care and Coward Quinn would not show her face and Tony callously strutted by to get to his office because he only cares about rich donors to her campaign from banks. 

I foiled NYPD and have document proving ambulance for 74 year old community member who passed out from cold in the lock out took almost a half  hour but Christine Quinn and Chuck Meara refuse to investigate why and again this is her own community member who passed out in the freezing cold demanding a hospital. 

No NY paper interested in investigating or reporting this.  

By the way ambulance mess up -- human error or ECTP 911 Tech software?


Suzannah Troy

Preet gave Quinn a free pass on slush abuse just like Mike and how about Lloyd?

I was a victim of a violent assault and was told I had to wait 4 days to be arrested on Saturday by Det John Vergona.

Det Vergona Why do I have to wait 4 days to be false arrested?  Arrest the Jew on the Sabbath?  
Are you anti-Semitic?

Ask Deputy Inspector Ed Winski than commander of first Precinct Goldman Sach's precinct about him, Lt Angelo Burgos, Sgt Chen preventing me from reporting Delita Hooks filed a false cross complaint.   Where the fixing for her employer Dr Andrew Fagelman or because they wished I could be holding bags and my phone arm numb and they could get away with violently assaulting me?

IA almost 7 months trying to cover-up.   I agreed to be falsely arrested but injuries so bad especially the eye which needed surgery I last minute was coerced by corrupt Det Jogn Vergona but none of these people fear jail for real crimes. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

NYDN Hatchet job Christine Quinn Backfires all Comments Anti-Quinn

NYDN Hatchet job Christine Quinn Backfires all Comments Anti-Quinn

FYI:   Mort Zuckerman and Colin Myler banned me from commenting what 6 months ago:

is that why Mort brings in a British guy --- Mort wants to go back to when the Colonies emancipated themselves and US Constitution was in place...

Billionaire for Bloomberg and Quinn not in the Constitution ditto for certain corrupt NYPD officers false arresting record amount of innocent New Yorkers -- Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn consider the NYPD their own private army -- ask the NYPD Intelligence division!

Jonanthan Lemire NYDN and Jon Winkleman 2 Jons for Christine Quinn Media Bias Mort Zuckerman Style

Jon Winkleman calls himself a gay activist and he calls these gay men crazy with  NYDN reporterJonathan Lemire greasing the way for Winkelman fisting  for puppet Chrisitne Quinn.
Let's ask Mort Zuckerman and Colin Myler (Colin up to his eye balls in Murdoch Hacking Scandal for some reason this Brit is the editor of the NYDN that is suppose to be the People's paper)....they both banned me from commenting on the NYDN>

Jonathan Lemire did a hatchet piece to attempt to protect Christine Quinn, Mort Zuckerman's choice to be mayor and protect his financial investments)  has no idea there are women critics gay and straight critical nor does he care -- women's voices do not count.  This misogynist piece is anti-gay men critical of Quinn and erases all women as usual giving us no voice.

The goal was a hatchet job on three openly gay men Roskoff, Moss and Flores openly critical of Christine Quinn and he conspiring with openly gay Jon Winkelman not on Christine Quinn's mayoral staff like Wayne What's his name who many think along with Quinn's huge staff break campaign laws working on NYC gov time to illegally push Christine Quinn on us so Mike can have a 4 and 5th term from the golf course ---

Bloomberg and his puppet Christine Quinn pushed through an illegal third term breaking laws using slush money to pay off corrupt city council  members denying us The People of NYC a right to vote on a referendum.

All those and many other corrupt deals from back room deals with Rudin to make sure he got Rudin Luxury Condos in place of St. Vincent's Hospital so we no longer have a Trauma Level 1 Hospital in the West Village with AIDS Care and a Rape Crisis Center apparently means nothing for the gay community in bed with Christine Quinn greed.

JonWinkleman openly gay attacks gay men with Louis Flores at the fore front protesting Quinn turning her back yet again on gay men, transgender and the LGBTQ community with his exposing the NYPD in Queens targeting gays with condoms as if they are all sex workers.

Jon Winkleman calls himself a gay activist and he calls these gay men crazy with Jonathan Lemire greasing the way for Winkelman to fist 3 gay male critics  - Winkleman's dirty work never done for puppet Chrisitne Quinn.

Jon Winkleman and Mr. Grease Jonathan Lemire -- Louis Flores' unauthorized bio on Christine Quinn is brilliant.  

Jonathan Lemire is bias ---  funny-- bias against Flores blacking out his books  just like in Lemire's sexist world there are no women critics gay and straight critical of Quinn.

 Jon  Lemire and Jon  Winkleman 2 hatchets for Quinn erased Louis Flores powerful book and women critics.   Are these 2 Jons for Quinn one Jon or just kindred spirits?

Mr. Grease this hatchet job Jonathan Lemire also suffered amnesia when it comes to Alan Roskoff and Mr. Roskoff has no presence on the world wide web and social media hold Quinn accountable.

No one hates Christine Quinn but an enormous amount of New Yorkers are angry at her and will not vote for her.

Jon Lemire and Jon Winkleman mr grease and hatchet men for Chris Quinn and Mike Bloomberg you trying to stick it to 3 gay men back fired.

Mort Zuckerman and Colin Myler may be straight but both men are in bed with Mike Bloomberg and Mrs. Bloomberg Christine Quinn.

Hey Jon Winkleman -- I am guessing you earn a lot more money thank Wayne Kawadler?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Anti Christine Quinn Ad

Outside Group Invests in Effort to Block Quinn’s Campaign for Mayor
I was the only one to say Mike Bloomberg may not win due to vote anger.....

The anger towards Quinn who has been funneled the most money is shocking and hard to ignore.
Anthony Weiner's photos and tweets pale in comparison to Quinn's in your face politically corrupt actions.

Maybe Anthony should get his Weiner out there and run for mayor.

Just a word to wise Anthony === what ever sex stuff is thrown out just answer yeah so what.

At least you didn't out the entire West Village -- we don't have Trauma Level 1 Hospital with a Rape Crisis Center and AIDS Care, you did abuse slush to push third term, you didn't sell out the LGBTQ community....