Christine Quinn locked out her own district from testifying they demand a hospital just like she pushed through an illegal 3rd democratic process flushed down the toilet.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Christine Quinn Mike’s Mini-me Temper Storms Out

and I got my meeting brought famed Civil Rights lawyer Norman Seigel.

This is Quinn’s own district read on.....

Oh and Mike Rawson ex-Mercer Hotel boss quite a temper himself and he donated how much to Quinn’s campaign.  Rawson famous for call Capt. Winski and the first precinct to complain about the vendors.  

Capt. Winksi was not the problem....Michael Rawson was.  What a surprise he supports Bloomberg’s mini-me Christine Quinn who has a temper just like Rawson who would act like Jack Nicholson in The Shining coming out of The Mercer taunting Veteran Vendors.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mike Bloomberg Christine Quinn’s Dirty Secret: New York City’s unemployment rate 10 percent

New York City’s unemployment rate is nearly 10 percent

Christine Quinn, Mike’s mini-me to king Mike -- hey Mike let’s play good cop bad cop tonight -- it really turns me on! 

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nice write up “@blogness: Today, Bruce Springsteen returns to New Orleans and Jazz Fest.

@howiewolf  Unemployment 10 percent in NYC Mike’s dirty secret along with your salary back room deals -- how do you look in the mirror?

See Suzannah B. Troy’s Tweet to Howie Wolfson political whore who loathed Bloomberg until Mikey bought him and now pays him a 6 figure salary with tax payer money.

Note:  Regarding  whore -- not disrespect to sex workers 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Christine Quinn Emily Giske Scandalous!

Besides out they crushed the pedicap industry to benefit guess who?

Christine Quinn is Mike Bloomberg junior with Emily Giske twist....

Christine Quinn serve a term in jail for illegally pushing through a third term using slush (aka tax payer money) and intimidation as well as being a mega-real estate sell-out.   For a gay woman you sure are in bed with a lot of billionaire men and Goldman Sachs, etc. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Public relations piece sold by NYDN for Titanic sell-out Christine Quinn -- from term limits - Democracy to community crushing real estate to the most corrupt tech contracts NYC gov.!! Christine Quinn Titanic sell-out. No hospital in her very own district because she voted for Rudin luxury condos and took kick backs aka know as campaign donations. If we had a Titanic crisis, a terror attack, babies to grannies, heart attacks there is nothing for souls in need because Bloomberg 's mini-me but greed 1st and The People of New York last. Vote her out of office along with Scott Stringer in the primary. They could have gotten us protective zoning for a hospital only where St. Vincent's was.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Christine Quinn Mike Bloomberg Silence Critics Using Google, YouTube, EMI and Blogger? How some Activists Got their work back others

Remember my entire YouTube channel was removed a month and half before a mayoral election to close to call? It was not done by hacking but I believe it was done on behalf of Mike Bloomberg. The Wiki page created by an activist about the censorship was also removed because it came under attack by a small group demanding an urgent removal because I am not famous enough? 2 accounts demanding the removal were suspended by Wiki because they were sock puppet accounts created by 1 person and my guess is the small group work for Bloomberg’s empire and pals in some way.

Donny Moss had his YouTube account hacked and this important YouTube removed.   YouTube miracles do happen and Donny joins me as an political activist -- one of few that has gotten his YouTube channel returned along with this critical YouTube account.

Because I was harassed and cyber-stalked non-stop by as many as perhaps 50 sock puppet accounts with names like Bloombergforlife  “Steve” Rattnerrocks and many others -- and now Senator Tony Avella’s identity was stolen to harass me the morning after Mike barely won I was able to get Tony to go to the Queen’s DA and I also went to the NYPD and the NYPD has other divisions as well as DA and I alerted the other agencies.  

I am confident Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws and committed perjury so sure he doesn’t have to worry that pals on his behalf and now is it possible Christine Quinn’s pals are doing illegal computer activity because they are that scared Quinn will fail and not protect big financial investments that only the mayor of NYC could... so they have to stoop to criminal activity and harassment?  Just wondering out loud.   I am aware of Bloomberg and Howard Rubenstein’s special relationship with Google and Google is on the Partnership of NY but Google has a motto do no evil....

Note:  See at the bottom a Youtube critical of Christine Quinn allegedly removed by EMI a record company that touts the Beatles but was ruthless enough to have a political art statement critical of Christine Quinn removed because of the music?  This is a political art statement and respectful, hard hitting so why would Google and EMI remove this from YouTubeland?  Hard to believe EMI would stoop so low and this is the 21st century NYC, USA and YouTube Google supported the take down....see bottom of post.

Congratulations to Donny Moss -- he is one of the small group of political activists like me that got his YouTube Channel back and this important YouTube returned.

However, the video appears shaky on many computers (unrelated to the hacking). I therefore uploaded it again and am referring people from the original upload to the new one, which is here: - OLD (Does this appear shaky on your computer?) - NEW

Note from Suzannah: When YouTube revamped my YouTube channel against my will -- YouTube removed my favorite YouTubes marked in a very specific order from the Channel page lucky for Mike Bloomberg and SAIC/CityTime. is one of the 2 YouTubes removed from my channel page by Google’s YouTube when they “improved” their look without my consent. This YouTube shakes as well.

The above youtube stated way before the election - do not believe the media Mike Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger and this one v=_Tz4eMcP2LU& said do renew with SAIC, instead we must have a full investigation. Even CityTime’s biggest critics were willing to renew except for me -- both cases I was the lone and only voice and I was right on the mark. If people has listened to me and the media had not silenced me, my YouTube channel removed for 28 hours maybe Bill Thompson would now be mayor.

+ Other bloggers have had their blogs removed critical of Bloomberg and Quinn and both got them back.   Louis Flores got his back. 
Louis Flores  and I helped Gary Tilzer get his blog returned.

One of these activist has yet to get his YouTube critical of Quinn’s back.  

Note from Suzannah:  I contacted EMI with a detailed message with my telephone number and asked them for a response for my blog.  I asked how could you put the Beatles in the lobby of you 5th Avenue building where your offices are and be involved with Google YouTube in removing this YouTube.  I await their response to post on my blogs.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Christine Quinn Why Kim May Ask for a Pre-Nup: The Dirt!

Oh know the media moguls and 1 percenters want Christine Quinn and  most of Occupy Wall Street does not vote but Christine Quinn may not win although she is confident she is and already acting like mayor....

Monday, April 2, 2012

Christine Quinn Big Fat Liar by Suzannah B. Troy

I wrote this with 1 finger at 3am on my iPhone and emailed to George to meet his deadline. He asked me to write a letter. I expected he would fix my typos and or call me like every top newspaper including The Financial Times, The Wall St. Journal, 9 letters in The NY Times before I became anti-Bloomberg but George did not. I am trying to fix some typos now and add a note or two. I can't express the level of fatigue and the NYPD Rape Cop Pena trial beyond devastating so not optimistic re: editing.

Dear West View:
Thank you for reporting the news blacked out by the media re: St Vincent's Hospital and The Rudin Luxury Condos starting with community outrage.

I want your readers to know I caught Christine Quinn on video and posted live to YouTube her cowardly escape out the back of PS 41 past a large garbage dumpster rather than face her critics mostly all from her district who including seniors like Elizabeth Adams who stood outside in the bitter cold for hours to testify the demand and urgent need  for  a hospital. I gave Christine Quinn hell from pushing through an illegal 3rd term to locking out her own district from giving testimony to her cowardly back door exits rather than face her critics.  I even asked her if she received anything "off the books" besides all the campaign donations aka kick backs from the Rudins? I also let her have it for her back room deals with Rudin and Bloomberg. I forgot to mention John Sexton/NYU!

What hit a nerve with her and got me a meeting with my lawyer Civil Rights Activist Norman Siegel the day before city council voted was telling her a 75 year old man from her district collapsed from standing in the bitter cold.  The ambulance took a half hour.  She responded with surprise considering the close proximity OF A HOSPITAL to City Hall/250 Broadway.  

Well, Norman Siegel opened up the meeting by asking how she would vote. After 2 years and large campaign donations from the Rudin Family, Quinn stated she did not know.  This was the mayoral candidate with the most money including from Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs.   She did not know?  How is that for an honest answer?

I called for an investigation in to why the ambulance took a half hour.  You would think Quinn would be the one doing so but she informed us she had her staff call the 1st Precinct and their contact there said it never happened. (Note: We were never given a name and I am confident Quinn and gang never spoke to DI Winski.)

Funny because Dr. David Kaufman and Nurse Eileen Dunn attended to the gentleman that fainted and he -- like so many never got to participate in the Democratic process to testify that a full service hospital is life or death. (Nurse Dunn an exceptional person.)

We assured Quinn Dr Kaufman made a series of 911 calls and I had asked an NYPD Sgt to call 911.  He did and came back to assure me the ambulance was on it's way.  (I found out after this letter the good NYPD Sgt was from the 6th Precinct!).

I told Christine Quinn that the 911 calls could be foiled.  

I handed her a list of demands and concerns which I would happily share with your readers which are posted on my blogs.

I have sent in the request for 911 calls to the NYPD and tracked down the police officer as well.

The man who collapsed is okay and he too can join us if further testimony is needed in this matter but note Quinn and her staff's willingness to even consider a man did not collapse which by the way I have on video and no ambulance was called is mind boggling. (Note:the many people prevented from testifying they demand a hospital could testify they witnesses him pass out and the ambulance took 30 min.).

Note: I had written Commissioner Kelly and Deputy Inspector Winski thanking them for the NYPD officer who made the 911 call and followed through with me. I included a link highly critical of the private security for 250 Broadway who refused my demand the most elderly and fragile be given immediate access! I did point out the community was upset with too large a police presence and the need for barricades but the NYPD unlike 250 Broadway's security were respectful.

After the meeting I followed up with an email telling Commissioner Kelly -- remember the "thank you" to officer for calling 911 for me? Well I just met with Christine Quinn and she said it didn't happen.  

Christine Quinn made interesting comments during the meeting like admitting St. Vincent's closing is her greatest defeat and she said she worked " the devil."

In response to our demand for a Town Hall meeting she looked at me and said not if People yell at me and call me fat.

Watch my YouTube of my yell down which got us a meeting and you can hear me say to Christine Quinn, "You lost a lot of weight but you are still a big fat liar."

Reminder Christine Quinn sold the lie we needed Mike Bloomberg for a third term to help us with the economy.  

Quinn is helping NYU, Bill Rudin, Goldman Sachs and a list of "oligarchs of NY" who are creatively funneling money to put her in office for their greed endeavors at the expense of our safety as they crush our communities city wide.

Special thank you to Norman Siegel truly the People's Advocate.  

Suzannah Troy
Artist  Activist Click on link to see the protestors that drove Christine Quinn out the back door past the dumpsters and Quinn's driver called the 6th Precinct on us well. The 6th acted honorably. Thank you to the 6th Precinct that needs a hospital and to DI Delpozo. The 6th lost 2 auxiliary NYPD officers that had no guns shot to death by a mad man. These NYPD heroes died at St Vincent's. The 6th lost a hero Sept. 11th as well and St Vinny's was open than.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Picture The Homeless vs Christine Quinn City Council Largest White Collar Crimes Ever NYC Gov

City Council probe laughable -- probe city council abusing slush and Lulus aka tax payer money --

Quinn hates and fears Picture the homeless and than google Picture the homeless Intro 48 -- remember Bloomberg's reckless tsunami of community crushing development / Dept of Building still enabling illegal dangerous activities plus how many deaths and poorly built building many empty.

Hey City Council -- how did u approve billions in over billing tech contracts -- largest White Collar Crimes ever nyc gov history. You had a role!