Christine Quinn locked out her own district from testifying they demand a hospital just like she pushed through an illegal 3rd democratic process flushed down the toilet.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The New York Times Emailed me Lie Censorship for Quinn
Explain the extreme actions involving censorship, violation of the 1st Amendment and a flat out lying email courtesy of The NY Times on behalf of Christine Quinn.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Christine Quinn Sex Ads Protest Hypocrisy!

Council Speaker Queen who is looking for the Queens Democrats Backing in her 2013 race for mayor is only blasting the Village Voice Sex ads.  "Village Voice Media needs to do all it can, immediately, to stop facilitating the crime of sex trafficking, which is why we’re calling on them to stop accepting adult advertisements on their website," said Council Speaker Christine Quinn in a statement.  It clear that Quinn is not attacking the Queens Tribune because of politics.  It seems to be the reason why the political connect women's groups have also not the the ads be stop and congressional candidate Meng fire her aid Nussbaum. In her NY1 Inside City Hall interview Meng was never asked about the sex ads. NY1 Online: Meng Makes Her Case For Congress. You would think a journalist would be interested with a newspaper owners involvement with sex ads working to elect a congresswoman

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Opposes Responsible Banks & Chris Quinn Acts Like Banks!

Hey Christine Quinn has yet to appoint a slush (aka tax payer money) watch dog because she and city council act just like these banks with tax payer money!  


Rudin, Trinity Trustees and...? contributions to Christine Quinn

Note from Suzannah:  Hey folks -- I am just an artist -- this blog my journal -- heard on the street...
what do you think?   For more on Christine Quinn and Rudin absolutely dirty dealings screwing the West Village out of a full service trauma level 1 hospital -- no fight for protective zoning because kick backs for Rudin luxury condos right Chris Quinn?

Trinity Trustees and Lawyer contributions to Christine Quinn: ~ $65,000.00 (With influx in last 9 months)
Law Firm Wachtell Lipton (~$7800.00)

Evelyn & William Lauder ($30,000 to Christine Quinn)

Kiam:  250.00 to Quinn

Rudin Family ($20,300.00 to Quinn + $9,900.00 From Rudin employees)

Ari Shalam (500 to Quinn only 2008) 

Ann G Tenenbaum:  2500 to Quinn 

Martha & John Watts: (1250.00 to Quinn only in 2007)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Christine Quinn Wall St Journal Critics Quinn caught sneaking out the back of public school West Village behind St Vincent's past a dumpster rather than face critics but I caught her and confronted her. She had called the 6th Precinct on us but they didn't violate our 1st Amendment rights. Quinn continues to flush democracy down the tiolet. I had a meeting with Norman Siegel where she lied to us stating she did not know which way she would vote and the next day she voted in favor of Rudin luxury condos. A source told me Rudin and flunkies have funneled 100 grand to her on the books. In this video I say 30 grand and she denies it.

This will take you to a series of links re: the meeting, demands I handed her and to date she has done nothing except lie from term limits, democracy, slush abuse, real estate kick backs and she thinks the gay card and gay power brokers can make her troubles go away. I suggest Kim get a prenup because Quinn won't be mayor and than she will have to pay staggering legal bills she has further burden tax payers with for her and her staff.

Interesting she never filled the slush abuse watch dog position as exposed by Josh Margolin The NY Post.

She also brushed aside 2 investigations brought by Tish James in to City Time. Richard Valcich's letter has Bill Thompson's name bottom of every page next to Bloomberg exposing major corruption CityTime SAIC so he too should be disqualified from future Public service.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

NY Post Editors Attack John Liu Again -- Murdoch Wants Liu Dead Politically

The Editors of The NY Post want John Liu Dead --  Politically that is...

If I was running for mayor and became mayor I would try to only take the subways and I told Norman Siegel about unique ideas I have to take NYC gov to our poorest neighborhoods....

I am not running for office....I have heard John Liu is far from down to earth and there is no one running for mayor that takes a subway.    Everyone at City Hall has Marie Antoinette complexs just like the MTA Board does not use the MTA -- you get my drift.  I despite Bloomberg but many of his critics at City Hall -- they come in all colors and religous backgrounds are almost as bad as him minus the billions....they kid themselves they are not.  

John Liu at least shut down CityTime and exposed ECTP 911 Tech System mega-abuse to some degree.

CityTime -- John Liu -- read his press releases on CityTime, his press release on ECTP 911 Tech System -- and 20 page Audit -- Bloomberg exposed Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn as frauds beyond term limits and flushing democracy down the toilet green lighting the largest white collar crimes and tax payer abuse in NYC gov. history -- he took on contractors like SAIC and Northrop Grumman that are defense contractors and SAIC has contacts from The White House to FBI to CIA so no surprise he is a dead man walking including exposing Bloomberg, Glenn Hutchins and Murdoch among other billionaires as oligarch players here in NYC --- no wonder Bloomberg waited until the third term to restructure NY Pensions -- Steve Rattner and Goldman Sachs among others exposed for their less than glittery handling of NY Pensions -- the raiding by Bloomberg pals exposed and so 3rd term after Liu uses pensions to ouster Murdoch -- Bloomberg and Murdoch attempt to restructure Liu out of the pensions.

I don’t think Liu is a saint but did he do anything different in terms of his campaign than Rudy Giuliani?

Bloomberg broke campaign laws wiring money out of his personal account and that carries jail time as does committing perjury during the Haggerty trial.

Rupert Murdoch’s hired hands of course would say that the People made a mistake hiring John Liu killed Murdoch’s “Wireless Generation” deal 27 million dollar deal and my guess is that it was a global protype he wanted to start in NYC and go global and he will I wrote John Liu Dead Man Walking part 1, 2 and 3. John Liu took 5 NY Pensions and voted to ouster Rupert Murdoch as chair.

Liu blocked a $150 million police pension-fund investment contract from the Blackstone Group.

Liu blocked a $150 million police pension-fund investment contract from the Blackstone Group 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Christine Quinn Thin Skinned Big Fat Liar!!!! NYDN Protects her corrupt ass

Shame on The NYDN Editors -- Total sell-outs!!!!!   Mort Zuckerman hired Colin Mylers Rupert Murdoch’s boy who may accidentally oops help send Rupe’s son to jail because of an email he sent him.  The stooges who wrote this shameful piece defending Christine Quinn a BIG FAT Liar....she can lose all the weight she wants to look like all of Mike’s annoxeric gals but she is still a liar and she sold the People of this great city out flushing democracy down the toilet abusing slush aka tax payer money to deny The People a referendum, she green lighted a Tsunami of Community Crushing development taking EVEN more kick backs than Melinda Katz and that is hard to do, she green lighted CityTime Crime and countless tech contracts costing us billions and I want all our tax payer money back!!!!  

IF NYDN editors had integrity they would call for her resignation along with Bloomberg, Wolfson, Harris, Mark Page etc.!

True or False -- Cathie Black brokered  a real estate deal air sale between Bloomberg and Mort Zuckerman owner of NYDN and her kick back was the chancellor job with yet another golden parachute.

Perhaps an non-New YOrker like Colin Mylers is like Christine Quinn and can’t handle a Bronx cheer or any other criticism --  Quinn does not belong in office.  Serve a term in jail.

I told her off to her face on behalf of all the People of NYC she sold-out!

  • Frances 01:57 PM
    May 2, 2012
    Does anybody have any doubt that Pharaoh Bloomturd controls the editorial content of this "newspaper?" The sooner that Bloomturd and his puppet, Corruption Quinn, are just a bad memory to New Yorkers, the better. Neither of those loathsome crooks even know the meaning of the word "DEMOCRACY." They are the antithesis of Democracy.
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  • Batsen 10:03 AM
    May 2, 2012
    The News becomes more and more of a SELF-PARODY of a "newspaper," even a tabloid rag mutation, and more and more of a BLATANT PR mouthpiece for the likes of EMPEROR Moneybags and CORRUPTION QUEEN Quinn!!!!!! .... And how is someone calling Bumbucks "Pharaoh" an example of "boorishness," anyway???? ... Maybe your "crack"(pot) editors should check the DEFINITION of the term! Or is THAT too much work for them????????

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