Christine Quinn locked out her own district from testifying they demand a hospital just like she pushed through an illegal 3rd democratic process flushed down the toilet.

Monday, April 29, 2013

"ABQ" Anybody but Quinn Mayoral Debate Gay Community Center

                          "ABQ" Anybody but Quinn  Mayoral Debate Gay Community Center

Photographer warned Quinn Supporters not to have a heart attack because there is no Hospital in the immediate area.

Christine Quinn supporters asked the photographer would he support Quinn.
He responded no -- I cannot support her because she sold out the community so now there is no hospital and took the Rudin Family funds.

John Liu had 2 groups of  supporters outside but no other mayoral representation from other rivals.....

ps was this a sneak event because most people has no idea this was even happening...
is Quinn that afraid of critics showing up and booing.....?


DATE Monday April 29
TIME 7 pm
PLACE LGBT Center, 208 West 13th

Hosted jointly by:
Downtown Independent Democrats
Village Independent Democrats
Village Reform Democrats
Manhattan Young Democrats
Greater NYC for Change

Do they need a trauma level 1 hospital with Rape Crisis Center and AIDS Care?