Christine Quinn locked out her own district from testifying they demand a hospital just like she pushed through an illegal 3rd democratic process flushed down the toilet.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Christine Quinn Chuck Meara Locked Out District Cover-ups St. Vincent's

Above watch Norman Siegel, famed Civil Rights lawyer's powerful speech on behalf of Christine Quinn's own district and all those that demand a full service trauma level 1 hospital that wanted to participate in the democratic process to testify in front of City Council but in every way were discouraged and turned away.

Christine Quinn's huge staff WAS NO WHERE TO BE SEEN as a senior citizen who wanted to demand a hospital passed out from the cold and the ambulance took a half hour.

Read the link below"
Christine Quinn Talking Points -- Now Chuck Meara admits there was an ambulance -- there was some confusion on his part and if he had one staff member there that morning there would have been none but Meara's "special contact" at the 1st Precinct denies it took a half hour.  His pal at the 1st was not there but I have respected members of the medical community Dr. David Kaufman and Nurse Eileen Dunn who can testify it did take a half hour!

Quinn and Meara are not interested in getting to the truth.   Read how the New York Times editor Carolyn Ryan is killing true news even that small businesses are dying left and right because there is no hospital just massive construction and more and more public space lost and the community see's it as Rudin greed backed by Quinn who has gotten huge donations from Rudin and his pals.

Major news especially concerning a mayoral candidate with the most money who acts like she is Mrs. Bloomberg and the next little emperor of NYC.   If we have a terror attack the media will be forced to report the news and dig deep on the St. Vincent's Rudin deal and Quinn's role as well as other key players.