Christine Quinn locked out her own district from testifying they demand a hospital just like she pushed through an illegal 3rd democratic process flushed down the toilet.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Suzannah B. Troy in Drag as Christine Quinn Protest Art + FYI Emergency Over crowding = Death

Here I am about 7:40 am and the photo makes me look better and younger than I am.  I ended up freezing my buns off and I did wear my big sequin undies but didn't flash anyone in case the NYPD didn't have a sense of humor.  I want to put big fake dollar bills in the pants with Bill Rudin and John Sexton NYU, Goldman Sachs, etc.   Maybe another time.

From the line of honest good community members who were treated lower than dirt and more proof we are not living in a a democracy.

For Suzannah B. Troy fans here is the famous Richard Cohen photo in the Corbis Collection where I am surrounded by NYPD in their gorgeous blue community affairs coats and I am wearing my Century 21 Pucci coat.  I was than escorted far far away from City Hall when I came across two very tall NYPD white shirts with so much gold on their shoulders and hats I was dazzled and asked them if I could return to protest and they gave me permission.  They moved us all across the street and I screamed my head off.  Now there would be a lot more people with me.   

Donny Moss and Bold New Progress YouTubes and reports from today's Quinn abusive horror show see link above.

Reminder CityTime pre-trial starts March 15th major cover-ups!  Media black out and to protect Bloomberg, Team Bloomberg and Quinn.

Note:  The deeply meaningful letter I got from MTA sending a photo of me and letter to friends activists and media that follow me even if they don't report the news they are in the loop and I am thankful for that.

Christine Quinn a guilty player in SAIC CityTime city crime brushing aside 2 investigations by the courageous right on Tish James! 

p.s.  A new fan of mine sent me this --- the NYC gov doc Testimony of Caswell F. Holloway particularly interesting to me -- - wow is he wrong.....again massive cover-up for abuse of tax payer money spending and rumor has it  includes 311 ---no surprise.


Please find the below addendum to the posting of :

United States Attorney Southern District of NYC Original Complaint:

United States Attorney Southern District of NYC Charges SAIC Executive:

Testimony of Caswell F. Holloway, Deputy Mayor for Operations NYC:

Also, not sure how real this is, but, as a TI one has to look for solutions:(