Christine Quinn locked out her own district from testifying they demand a hospital just like she pushed through an illegal 3rd democratic process flushed down the toilet.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Christine Quinn Laughs At Community Members Demanding a Hospital in her District! Question NYPD Quinn detail photograohing Protestors?

Folks: I do not know if the man in the suit is part of Christine Quinn's private NYPD detail but I email emailing Commissioner Kelly to enquire and point out Civil Rights have concerns re: why the NYPD are photographing people and what are they doing with photos. You can the activists are not threatening and small in number so is this some kind of intimidation Christine Quinn and is she again using her "private NYPD" against her own community? Please note: The activists did not block the sidewalk but the NYPD did. These activists stood in the freezing cold to testify we need a hospital.
 This is video of this morning's protest against Quinn : I got very very close :

Are these  NYPD plain clothes  officers part of Christine Quinn's private detail.
The man on the left with his arms crossed used his smart phone to take photos.
Was this meant to be a form of intimidation on behalf of Christine Quinn?
I alert activist next time to respectful walk up to the plain clothes police and ask to see their badge numbers and get their names.

The man on the left used his smart phone to photograph non threatening protestors?

Ask these NYPD officers (if they are and I believe they are)   how threatening our theses protestors or is the only threat that they are voting against Christine Quinn in the primary?

Again a major concern is Quinn using NYPD intimidation and this is in Chelsea her own district where we are questioning is she using NYPD against her own community.
Quinn had seniors on line in the freezing cold many handicapped at 250 Broadway and the NYPD were well behaved and used not intimidation but the private security for 250 Broadway refused my demand to get the most fragile seniors inside in to the warmth as it was freezing Tuesday morning so a 75 year old man passed out and the good NYPD good an ambulance for us.  It took 35 minutes for the ambulance to show up and that was across from City Hall.

Christine Quinn is a coward who can't face her own constituents and uses garbage entrances rather than walk past protestors.   She also will use her private NYPD security to intimidate peaceful protestors demanding a hospital for the community which by the way the NYPD needs desperately as well because their job is so dangerous.